A solution to Manage an Urgency and Emergency Center that has already managed +5.6 MILLION emergency situations.

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What is Urgent Care ?

Real Time Analysis

Allows to follow in real time the number of calls, appointments and average response time

A.I. Prioritization

50% of fake emergency calls are eliminated increasing call handling

24/7 Support

Remote and in-person support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Response Time Reduction

Integrates all processes on a single platform and speeds up calls

Performance Monitoring

Complete performance monitoring and state of an emergency in a continuous and predictive way

Calls and Radio Recording

All recordings are made automatically and attached to the protocol generated in each occurrence

Human Resource Management

Management of absences, leaves, vacations and automatic calculation of overtime

Documents Export

Allows to export documents and information whenever you want with just a few clicks


All the necessary Reports that are carried out during the occurrence are available

Where we've already made a difference...

2 Millions

of inhabitants

5.6 Millions

of calls

"Whoever saves a life, saves the whole world"


Aline Maia

Regulatory Physician

“The entire operation has changed… The processes are more organized and our services have become much faster.”

Érica dos Anjos


“Human management has become much more simplified.”

Andréia Souza


“After putting this new system in place, it is clear that fake emergency calls happen much less frequently.”

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